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    Zhongjia Heavy Industries Belt Conveyor Equipment Delivery to Shangri-La Project

    After the completion of the 3.2x5.4 overflow ball mill equipment, according to production requirements, our factory produce  belt machine equipment, and arrange the  recently scheduled delivery. The belt machine, ball mill equipment for our factory to participate in Dingli Mining Co., Ltd. in Shangri-La - copper factory ditch copper molybdenum ore 1000 tons / day mining project equipment.
    China Aviation Technology International Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. entrusted by the owners, the "Shangri-La City Dingli Mining Co., Ltd. copper factory ditch copper molybdenum ore 1,000 tons / day mining project" equipment procurement for domestic open competitive bidding. The tender evaluation committee and the tender confirmation, pre-bid results are as follows:
    Tender No .: 0730-166012SZ0006 / 02
    Tender equipment: belt conveyor equipment
    Delivery time: 90 days
    Bid deposit amount: RMB 20,000