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    Service Commitment

    Company Aim:Based on honesty and quality priority

    Service Aim:Be responsible for each process, each product and each client

    Service philosophy:Love our clients and create fortune and joy for our clients.

    Service Process

    Site Design

    1. Implementation requirement

    Ever since the purchase date of our client, our company service starts accordingly. For the new design requirement carried out before the equipment enters into the factory and equipment future transitions, we shall sign detailed site design project or transition agreement through both sides communication. We will send technical staff in accordance with the time and specific requirements mentioned in the signed agreement.

    2. According to the site floor plan dimension and design content provided by the client, we shall provide layout, equipment 3D drawing and equipment foundation drawing in a short time, and provide the above drawings by fax or express to the client. The construction shall start after confirmation.

    3. Help needed for the client for the site construction

    A. Need the client to offer accommodation for our company technical staff depending on the term period or in accordance with the agreement.

    B. Provide each site construction area all the necessary materials, tools, measuring implements and instruments etc.

    C. Provide several workers as assistance according to the project code requirement.

    4. Company service content in the site design

    A. After the arrival to the site. the technical staff shall carry out the lineation and orientation according to the drawings and shall in charge of directing the making and leveling of the equipment foundation.

    B. Supervise the workers from the clients to carry out the construction according to the requirement of the drawing

    C. Provide the standard and requirement of the raw material for the equipment during the product process to the client.

    5. The payment and settlement method for site design

    According to the purchase contract, service documents and the agreement, or negotiated by both parties.

    Installation and trial run

    一.Installation guidance

    For the equipment from any third party, the client shall provide electrical schematic diagram and equipment layout and shall help to arrange the accommodation for the installation workers, technical staff and other workers. Also shall provide all the necessary lifting appliances, tools and supports and ensure water, electricity tee junction. The client shall help with the procedure required by each department of the client and shall help with the peripheral affairs.

    二.Contract installation

    Except all the equipment material, plan layout, tee junction, workers, tools and procedure that need to be provided by the client, all the other job shall be completed alone by Zhongjia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    Standard for the installation and trial run

    1. The payment and settlement method for the installation and trial run (negotiated by both parties)

    2. The promise from the installation company

    We will select and send the installation staff with rich experience for the site installation(staff who works more than three years in our company). The technical staff will come up with good solutions and suggestions during the site installation. Our technical staff will abide by the safety production regulation during the installation period and will provide detailed specification, electrical schematic diagram and other relative materials. Solve the equipment problems if there is any during the installation.

    Equipment Operation

    1. The operating equipment mainly refers to the crushers, feeding machines and screening machines. After the installation and trial run, the client needs our staff on behalf of the operation for many kinds of reasons.

    2. After the client required us to operate, we shall sign the operation agreement based on the analysis of the equipment mode and site situation, and then send staff with rich experience to meet the client’s requirement.

    3. The operating staff shall make rational adjustment according to the site construction requirement and shall carry out the standard operations of the equipment by the normal turn on order. And the staff shall check problem of the process equipment at each electrical position. Supervise and urge the client get to know the daily maintain of the equipment. Fill in the operating record and measure the data of equipment electrical part at regular intervals.

    Daily maintain

    1. The in time maintain and preserve determine the service life of the equipment. We shall fully consider the client’s equipment conditions, working term and other elements and sign the maintain agreement enclosed with the technical level of the staff, staff quantity and date etc..

    2. Our steps:

    ⑴Make fully check before the equipment starts production, and make record and ensure every parts available and then put the equipment into production.

    ⑵Make patrol inspection during the normal operation, and solve the problem at the very beginning, and take measurement for any potential malfunction.

    ⑶Lubricate the drive disk assembly according to the maintain schedule, and make safety quality check for the key parts after the closing down and make record.

    ⑷Communicate with the client’s operators in time. Check and exclude any abnormal conditions during the operation. Provide the parts (wear severely) that need to be replaced to the client.

    ⑸Make good maintain and record. Provide the spare parts list to the client.

    3. Payment standard: monthly payment based on the equipment mode.

    Overhaul and update

    1. Company service only provided for the equipment provide by our company, including the fully maintain of the equipment, remould of the equipment which manufactured before the new technology adopted and process update.

    2. Method: We will recommend the new technology according to client’s requirement, and will sign an agreement according to the new technology adoption method, measures for the implementation, cost and date. All these shall not affect the normal production.

    3. The overhaul and update include:

    ⑴Check the service condition of each part of the equipment.

    ⑵Repair and adjust the damaged parts, and provide the list for the parts that need to be replaced, and ensure the supply of parts.

    ⑶ Know the design and manufacturing defect of the equipment during the production and recommend the new technology to the client.

    ⑷Make overall update for the equipment control system.

    4. Payment standard: calculated according to the necessary items for the client(Not include the spare parts to be replaced).